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1/2 Size Kebaartmate

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£5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Kebaartmate 1/2 size is our most popular format with customers in the stretcher range and well worth the investment. It's proportions allow the artist to work the whole or part of the sheet ( two 1/4 imperial size paintings over a 1/2 sheet) as an option. The strong, yet light weight aluminium construction fits snugly under the arm to carry out on location and rests comfortably in any portable or studio easel. The beautiful  matt silver extrusions of all Kebaartmates complement the work in progress.  The easily controlled winding frames can stretch a huge range of papers and fabrics on location in an instant, from  light weight Cartridge, Pastel papers to  the heavy weight Watercolour papers available in the shops. All with  the simple turns of a key. Key holder and Bolt covers fitted with every product

 Detatch the Baseboard and use it for stretching canvas and silk fabrics!


Kebaartmates use only approx 1cm around the edge of the paper/fabric to stretch.