Arch Garrison plus Emily Jones Friday 13th December 2019

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Having garnered much critical acclaim for his larger scale compositions and songs with his 'alternative chamber group' North Sea Radio Orchestra, Craig Fortnam also performs in singer-songwriter mode under the name Arch Garrison.  Intricate guitar playing underpins songs about England's ancient landscapes, Roman roads, ditches and mounds, Thames Fluvius......With five NSRO and two Arch Garrison albums under his belt, Fortnam's output remains uniquely beautiful, original, both ancient and modern. Utterly bewitching.

"I Will Be A Pilgrim' is another example of English folk music's ability to update endlessly, folding fleet modernity into a timeless, ever-rejuvenating continuum" The Wire
".....sounds completely natural and unforced, a music quietly ecstatic and transportative, and another minor masterpiece in the Fortnam body of work" Underground Heroes Of Happiness
'An exquisite and understated delight' Folk Radio
"Arch Garrison prove that less can be more, and that our limitations are often the very things that set us free." The Quietus

Emily Jones:

Emily Jones plays surreal, melodic songs, always aiming at beauty, no matter how awkwardly.  

Expect to hear about a marsh spirit falling out of love with the enchanter who conjured her, an ice cream seller with terrible personal hygiene, and an inventor who fashions deadly, glittering robot birds.  Most of her songs are about dust and bees though.

"Particularly lovely romantic folk narratives with a dark-woods chill of pastoral melancholy." - Andrew Male, MOJO (reviewing the album The Book of the Lost)
"Her roots go through that line of literary Englishness...lost and lovely psych, with Jones’s marvelous voice a wraith-like presence that is both childlike and ageless." - Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine (reviewing the album Autumn Eye)

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