Cara Hamilton Friday 1st November 2019 7.30pm

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 Welcoming this fine performer for the first time at the Vault ,Cara Hamilton's  act is 2 x 45 minutes in length with a 20 minute interval.
It is quite unique as my background was in the Circus, sideshow and Fortune Telling.  Most of my work has been Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany. It appears both as Illusion and Psychic and causes jaws to drop. Most of my shows get a partial standing ovation. I never say if anything is real or fake for this reason.
Everything I do is powerful.  The most powerful parts involve my Crystal Ball reading and my Russian Roulette with 5 loaded Berettas (Don't worry it is safe!).  A sword act is in the show too. 
The idea of the show is to present in a Carnival or Berlin Cabaret style a show that is as close to real magic as possible.
The key phrases for me are "International Mind Reader", "Psychic Entertainer" and "Russian Roulette as featured on German TV"