Five Men No Dog 13th July 2017 SOLD OUT

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July 13th

13th of July SOLD OUT 

Tynedale favourites FMND play their eclectic mix of jazz, folk, soul and other musical styles.

Five Men Do Dog are in fact just three men. They are David Jones, who sings and plays percussion, Ben Haslam who plays guitar and sings and Peter Drake who plays saxophone (and sometimes sings when he is not playing sax). The band has been in existence for about five years with several different line ups. David and Peter are original members with Ben joining the band about a year ago. Their unusual name is the outcome of a competition David sets during the interval. On one occasion he set the audience the challenge of naming the band. In those days there were five men on stage, with no sign of a dog. FMND play a mix of blues, jazz, folk and other styles, much of written by the band members.

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