Graham Walker & Alan Law plus guests Ben Haslam and The Unexpected Poet Saturday 12th August 2017

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Graham Walker and Alan Law  Jazz Greats  plus special guests

Two  Leading Jazz players  are brought together for a special evening of  fine jazz and songwriting

Graham Walker honed his craft as a  sax  player in the early 80s  Newcastle upon Tyne,  formerly fronting with Newcastle  Acid Jazz/Pop giants  The  Skiptracers and  Safe Sextet.By the early 90's 'Walker' , having graduated from the London Guildhall of Music, left to seek his fortune as a player in Brussles where he quickly became know for his unique and fluid playing style, rooting   amongst the Jazz caves and clubs of Europe . In 2016 he  returned to his Scottish Roots with his family  and is quickly  re establishing himself amongst the best Jazz musicians in the country. 

Alan Law is undoubtaby one of leading  jazz, keyboard piano  players in the region .  Now  highly  respected and in great demand for is inspired  ivory work , 'Law' migrated to the North East from Rye in Sussex in the mid 80s and began to cut his teeth playing keys with soft rock band Scapa Flow  a band fronted by  Hallgate Gallery & Vault Venue  owner Ben Haslam. He quickly gained ranks  playing and depping  with Salsa groups  , The Safe Sextet  and  numerous Jazz and   popular Blues outfits   backing the likes of Ruth lambert (  a Vault favourite ), adapting his styles and compositional skills . Recently back from sessions playing with Jazz greats in   cult Salsa clubs in  Cuba  he will perform classic compositions and arrangements accompanied with Graham Walker and a blast from the past  with guitarist and singer songwriter  Ben Haslam . A great and   unforgettable night guaranteed .


The Unexpected Poet  David Roe,

Born in Derbyshire in the 60's, David has lived in the North East since his early teens. After writing for over 30 years, David is a recent addition to the Spoken Word scene. David likes to think of himself as a "Northumbrian with a wonky accent". With a mix of both comedy poems and more poignant pieces, and recently described as "the Adle of poetry", David can be found gracing the stages throughout the North of England.


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