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The Kebaartmate is a unique artists’ stretcher from Sweden, made from high quality lightweight anodised Aluminium, it has been carefully designed by artists’ to provide an easy to use and truly practical solution to stretching all watercolour papers including normally difficult papers such as pastel and cartridge. The Keba Artmate is also very effective for stretching  canvas for oil and acrylic. It is also excellent for tapestry and silk fabrics.

The Kebaartmate Full Imperial is the 'King' of all  artists paper stretchers and  is an absolute delight to use . It will handle even light weight pastel and cartridge and the heaviest artist watercolour papers available in shops with ease! A  truly liberating product for any professional or keen amateur artist. All  Keba products have a 5 years guarantee.

No cockling or buckles with the patented tension controllers!