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Dear friends , Vaulters and customers,

It is with regret that for the time being I have to postpone all Vault Music Gigs, meetings and  functions that are scheduled over the next few months due to the Corona Virus Outbreak.

This includes:

The Baboons charity fund raiser  28th March

 The Riviera Quartet 3rd April

Elle Sunderland Solo Concert 9th April

Box to Box Comedy Friday 17th April

Swing Bridge Jazz 24th April

Winter Spring Summer Autumn Play by peter Drake 1st May

Box to Box Comedy Friday 22nd May 

It is highly likely that  Vault events scheduled after these dates may also be postponed, I will keep you informed and updated as things develop

I am stated ‘ postpone’ In order to  try and  protect the industry and performers salaries during these exceptional circumstances. Might it be possible  for you to agree to allow me to defer, and   re run the  events specified at a suitable future date agreed with the performer?  In return I can offer you a voucher to the value of  the event postponed ?  This  would enable you use it  to attend the rescheduled performance of your favoured gig at the Vault ,or another Vault gig of your choice if you are not able to make the re-run, ( to the cost value of your pre ordered  gig).

 If you agree to this proposal, simply claim your voucher by saving this email and present it to us at The Box office 01434 603884 Haslam’s of Hallgate gallery and Vault , 22-24 Hallgate  Hexham or state your circumstances  over the phone  when you next book an event at the Vault .

I understand this is a ‘big ask’ however ,so if this proposal is not acceptable I will of course understand and  honour your payment with no quibble and give you a full cash refund  ( available by contacting the box office in advance of the original schedule date )

Regarding Bookings for the film  ‘Tommy’ as Part of the Tyne Valley Film Festival

This event has been cancelled by The Tyne Valley Film Festival organisers .It is run in association with Forum Cinema and The Tyne Valley Film Festival and The Vault as a host venue.  So I will refund by PayPal all pre booked tickets( £10 each) that where purchased on line via PayPal for this event
However If you paid cash via the gallery for your film ticket, you will need to contact me on 01434603884 for a refund of visit the gallery

In the mean time, Hallgate Galleries is open for business for picture framing, art materials and painting sales.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to welcoming you back in good health to our fabulous venue.

Best regards,

Ben Haslam



Haslam’s of Hallgate  Gallery  and Vault.

22-24 Hallgate Hexham
Open daily from 10am till 4:30pm

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