Winter Wilson Friday 15th November 2019 7:30pm

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When life gives you lemons .... buy gin!

“A lovely album from Winter Wilson and an honour to be a part of it. Thanks — the Fairports.”

“Everything that defines folk music and what makes it great .... Deserve to be as widely known as classics by Woody Guthrie.” Barrie Hammond, Penguin Eggs

"Well-balanced, strong songs delivered with care, and by people that are passionate about their craft. Lovely." Grem Devlin, The Living Tradition Magazine

Some opportunities in life are just too good to miss. When

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Winter Wilson were invited to appear as special guests on Fairport Convention’s Winter

Tour 2018, the couple immediately recorded Far Off on the Horizon, which soon became their

best-selling album to date. Welcomed into the heart of the Fairport family, both by the band and

their die-hard fans, the tour was a huge success for Winter Wilson, culminating in their playing

with Fairport on the stage at Cropredy Convention, in a tribute to the late Sandy Denny.

Having played part time on the

UK folk circuit for many years,

Kip Winter and partner Dave

Wilson became full-time

musicians by accident, when the

consequences of the global

banking crisis left them both

facing redundancy in 2012.

They decided to take a gap

year, and see where their music

might take them.

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Seven years on that decision looks like a good one.

The pair have played the length and breadth of the UK, in folk clubs, theatres, arts centres and on festival mainstages. They have completed numerous tours of Germany and the Netherlands and have twice toured Australia and New Zealand.

Their albums have been rapturously received by both press and public alike. The redundancy-inspired ‘Cutting Free’ was listed in the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Top Ten Folk Albums for Summer 2014’, whilst ‘Ashes & Dust’ and ‘Far Off on the Horizon’ both received rave reviews in the music press.

Winter Wilson have also been finalists in the “best duo” category of the Awards two years running.

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But what really sets this pair apart (and convinces so many venues to book them time and time

again) is their live performance. “We’re very aware that we’re in the business of entertainment,”

says Kip. “When people pay their hard-earned money for a concert, they want to hear good

music, obviously, but it’s more than that. Some of our songs can be pretty hard hitting, so it’s

important that the bits in between lift people up again.”

Dave adds, “It has been suggested that we go into stand-up comedy. I’m not sure whether the

chap thought we were really funny, or he just didn’t like the songs. Either way, it’s just what we

do. We both like a laugh, often at each other’s expense, and it tends to come out on stage. It’s

not rehearsed; it just happens.”


With all this in mind, a live album seemed a no brainer, especially when that live album could


feature the talents of Fairport Convention.

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Released in August 2019, Live & Unconventional,


Winter Wilson’s ninth album, was recorded live on


the road during the Fairport Winter Tour. The


album, though, is very much Winter Wilson doing


what they do best - playing live and interacting with


an audience.

The pair are joined on three tracks by members of Fairport Convention, but for the most part the listener is treated to the clear and undeniable vocal and instrumental talents of Kip & Dave, performing songs from their huge repertoire of original material. There are some old favourites (Storm Around Tumbledown, I wish I Could Turn Back Time), there’s some blues (including I’m Gonna Find

Myself a Lover featuring the unmistakable fiddle of

As gap years go, there’s been worse.

For photos and additional information, interviews and radio / TV session availability, please contact Winter Wilson direct – details below.

Tel: +44 (0)7801 606420 / +44 (0)7719 574269


Ric Sanders). Unusually for Winter Wilson,


there’s also a cover but then, if you were invited to sing Sandy Denny’s It’ll Take a Long Time in

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front of almost 20,000 people, you’d probably want to shout about it too.


The album will officially be launched at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in August 2019. Winter


Wilson continue to tour throughout the year, including their first trip to Canada in September.

For tour dates and any other background, visit 

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